E.M.KELLY jewelry is crafted from fine quality metals and precious stones. Treated with care, each piece will age gracefully and become a treasured heirloom.

Beaded 14k Jewelry

To avoid breakage or stretching of the thread, remove before bed or showering. Be cautious of tugging or rough surfaces that may rub against the delicate stones.

Sterling Silver Jewelry 

To delay oxidation, E.M. KELLY Sterling Silver should be kept away from water and humid environments. Store in a secure, dry place between wears and polish regularly with a cleaning polishing cloth.

18K Jewelry

To maintain shine, avoid activities that may cause scratching and polish regularly with a clean polishing cloth.

All jewelry is made by hand, please handle with care as items may be delicate. E.M. KELLY Jewelry is not responsible for mishandling or improper care of jewelry.

Note that if an item is purchased with one of our stockist you must contact the stockist directly to process a claim for repair.